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        Q:What is your products?

        A:We produce flexo printing machine, die cutting machine, and slitting machine, and sealing bag making machine.

        Q:How many years has your company been established

        A:Our company is found in 2006’s

        Q:What is your machine used for?

        A:Our flexo printing machine can print adhesive paper which is used for label, and also can print paper cup, paper plate, paper straws, and other paper productions.

        Our die cutting machine and slitting machine is next step for label process.

        Q: How many color of printing machine you can do?

        A: from 1 – 13 colors

        Q: What kind of ink can your printing machine use?

        A: Machine can use water base ink and solvent base ink, also can use UV ink if adds UV dryer.

        Q: What width can your printing machine do?

        A: We have 320mm width, 480mm width, 650mm width, 950mm width, 1000mm width, 1150mm width, 1270mm width, and 1350mm width.

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