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        About Us

        Our tenet is quality first, Strive to create the best value for customers

        Ruian City HENYUE Printing Machinery Co.,Ltd. located in Rui’an which well known as the capital of China's machinery, the traffic around is convenient. Our company is specializing in manufacturing trademark printing machines series. With excellent manufacture equipment and a group of high talented people who are versed in printing, designing, manufacturing and maintaining, also absorbs experience of domestic printing mechanism, our company relies on good management system, producing high-quality equipment to meet he needs of different levels in the market. After years of improvement and innovation, our enterprise develops many kinds of machines independently, such as automatic flexographic printing machine, label inspecting machine, adhesive label die-cutting machine, exquisite high speed label slitting and rewinding machine (vertical and horizontal), also typefull automatic computerized chromatographic printing machine and some main auxiliary equipment are available. The products are widely used in clothing trademarks, medicine, food and cosmetics, electronics, toys, gifts, stationeries, supermarket bar code and other label printing and production industries like this, all of them are popular in the world.

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